Supports Android and iOS
Display: OLED with 300×300 pixel resolution
Internal memory: 2.5 GB
Battery life: 5 to 6 days
Water resistance: up to 50m
Sensors: heart rate, photometer and accelerometer
Price: $200
Versa 2 has the best fitness features of FitBit wearables, while also acts as a smart watch. This model can work for you for up to a week with only one charge. The FitBit Versa 2 also has a faster processor than the previous model.
But one of the most important features is the Fitbit social network that allows you to join daily challenges. However, Versa 2 does not have GPS, so it requires a cellphone connection to monitor activities more closely. This smart watch is believed by many websites to be one of the most accurate sleep trackers and can even measure blood oxygen saturation during sleep by updating to the latest OS version.
Delicate and compact design
Exact sleep tracking
Good battery life
Different colors
Limited apps
Difficult strap change
Lack of GPS