Supports Android and iOS
Display: 1.2” AMOLED (42mm model) and 1.39” AMOLED (47mm model)
Battery life: 12 days (42mm model) and 24 days (47mm model)
Weight: 25g (42mm model) and 36g (47mm model) – both made of aluminum
Water resistance: up to 50m
Sensors: Accelerometer, air pressure, photometer, magnetic sensor
Price: $180 (42mm model) and $170 (47mm model)
Amazfit, a subsidiary of Xiaomi, has launched the GTR model, which comes in a 47mm model with 24-day battery life and 42mm battery life with up to 12 days of regular use. According to Xiaomi, if you disable some of the features, that would increase to 74 and 34 days for both the 47mm and 42mm models, respectively.
But the excellent battery life is due to the lack of some features. The Amazfit GTR lacks sleep tracking features and there are few apps for it. If you get bored of charging your smart watch every day or even every week, and keeping track of sports activities and step counts along with enjoying GPS, the Amazfit GTR can be one of your best choices.
Perfect battery life
Elegant design
Simple UI
Limited support for third-party apps
Lack of GPS
Lack of sleep tracking capability